More than 100 people dead, another 100 hospitalized after massive flooding in Tennessee

More than 150 people have died and hundreds more have been hospitalized following flooding in southern Tennessee, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said Friday.

More than 100 homes were destroyed in the floodwaters that have forced some people to evacuate their homes, according to the agency.

In addition to the fatalities, a dozen people were trapped under a tree after a tree fell onto their car, the agency said.

A tree was also reported as being falling on a home in Knoxville, according, the state agency.

Officials were working to find a path of the rain to cross through a road.

Flooding caused major damage to homes in rural Tennessee and parts of Tennessee.

Several vehicles were destroyed after the trees crashed into them in a flash flood in Chattanooga, the Associated Press reported.

The Tennessee Emergency Operations Center reported an estimated 6,000 people had been rescued, and officials were monitoring the flood waters to ensure that they would not impact further efforts.

More to come.