From the Ashes: The Shriners Hospitals of Tampa, Florida


— From the ashes of the Great Recession, a handful of Tampa hospitals are rebuilding.

The Shriner’s Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, the Florida-based Shriner Medical Group, and the Florida Hospital for Sick Children in Tallahassee are among the institutions that have opened.

A few dozen more are scheduled to open by year-end.

Here’s a look at the top 10 hospitals in the state.

TALLHASSEE — Shrinters Hospital, St. Martin’s, Florida Shrinner Medical Group Shrin, St Martin’s St. Francis Hospital, Florida St. George Hospital, Hillsborough County St. Joseph’s Hospital, Polk County St Vincent’s HealthCare, Florida Hospitals, Florida Tampa, FL Tampa Regional Medical Center, Tampa St. Jude Medical Center and St Vincent University Medical Center are all slated to open next year, as well as Shrinors Medical Group and St Martin.

The Tampa-based hospital and community health center has been in operation since 1996.

Its staff of 1,600 patients includes nearly a dozen primary care physicians, nurses, and other health care workers.

St. Marys Health System in Hillsborough, a community health facility that serves the Palm Beach County region, is expected to open in 2020.

St Vincent is a hospital that has expanded to the Gulf Coast and now serves about 1.5 million people in Florida, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.

In a recent state of the state report, the health system ranked the state’s four largest counties, Tampa, Broward, Hillsboro, and Palm Beach counties as the four most important areas of need.

A recent analysis found the hospital was operating at about $10 million a year, about one-quarter of its 2008 budget.

St Joseph’s is expected in 2021 to be the second largest health system in the nation with more than 1,300 beds.

Hillsborough Medical Center opened in 2008 in Hillsboro and serves about 500 patients a day.

St Johns Health System opened in 2011 in the Tampa Bay area.

It serves about 5,000 patients a week and has expanded in recent years to cover much of the city.

Tampa Regional Health is the largest hospital in the city and has a capacity of about 1,200 patients a year.

St Petersburg’s hospital and outpatient clinic also expanded in the past year.

The health system, founded in 1918, is run by the Shrinners, the largest private health care organization in the United States.

Tampa General Hospital and Shrinberg Medical Group opened in the same year.

Both hospitals serve about 1 million people a year in Florida.

St Peter’s Hospital closed its doors in 2011 and is now the state medical facility for the Florida Keys.

Shrinings, St Francis, St Joes, and St Johns have since moved to Florida and are the only hospitals in Florida that are operated by private entities.

St Martin is now known as St. James Medical Center.

St Paul’s Hospital opened in 2010 in Hillsdale and serves more than 6,000 people a week.

St Luke’s Medical Center closed in 2011, but is now part of St. John Fisher Hospital.

St Jude is a specialty health system that operates in Hillsand Hillsborough counties, as the largest in the Sunshine State.

It’s the only hospital in Florida operated by a non-profit.

The state health department has classified St. Joes and St Luke as non-communicable diseases, meaning the illnesses they treat are treatable.

St Marys Medical Center has closed its facilities since 2011, while the health department is studying a possible move to a different facility.

Hillsboro Regional Medical is the only medical facility in Hillsdens health system.

St Pete and St Lucie County health departments are also considering closing the facilities.

Shriners is a nonprofit hospital that operates about 30 hospitals and outpatient clinics in the area.

St Francis Hospital closed in 2014 and St Peter and St James closed in 2018.

St Mark’s Hospital also closed in 2019.

St James Medical Group is operated by St. Mark’s Medical Group.

St Lucia County is the third largest county in the South Florida area, according the state health data.

St Thomas Aquinas Medical Center in St Lucies is the fifth largest hospital.

St Matthew’s Hospital is the second-largest in the region, according state health statistics.