How to avoid getting shits thrown at you at the grocery store

Posted February 09, 2019 09:03:50Forget the fact that you’re still getting shit thrown at your face at the supermarket.

That’s not really a problem because you’ll probably get some shits at the store because you are being thrown at the shopping center, according to a new study.

That’s what happened to a 23-year-old woman who was in the grocery checkout line at a local grocery store in Grandview, Texas, on Feb. 4.

She was shoved to the ground and her clothes were torn off as she screamed and pleaded for help.

The woman’s face was bruised and she was wearing a diaper.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” said her mother, who asked that her last name not be used.

“I just wish that she could have been able to get help before this happened.

I don’t want her to suffer another day like this.”

According to the study, women were thrown at checkout lines at grocery stores at an average of 5.8 times a day.

The average was 9.1 times a week.

The study found that women who were thrown were more likely to have broken bones, bruises, cuts and sprains than those who didn’t get shoved.

The woman’s mother said the incident was the culmination of the years of harassment she said she experienced as a result of being a woman of color.

While the study did not say how often the woman had been thrown at, the Harris County Health and Human Services department said it has received numerous complaints about the incident since March.

The department said that it will be conducting an internal investigation and that it is notifying the grocery stores in the study that they are no longer allowed to sell products that have a message of “White Supremacy” or “Black Lives Matter.”