How to download and stream an emergency call on a Roku TV app

Houston hospitals and other health care providers are adding support for the Roku app to stream emergency calls from the hospital to mobile devices.

As part of its partnership with the Houston-area health care network, STBH, hospitals can stream video feeds from hospitals to the Roku platform through the Roku Video Player.

The hospital will also have access to the hospital’s streaming feed.

Hospitals are now able to request emergency call information from the Roku video player.

The app is also available for other providers, including for those with more than one hospital.

The partnership is an update to a partnership between the hospitals and Roku, which was signed in June, according to the hospitals.

Hospities are able to send an emergency video stream to their Roku apps, and Roku will then deliver the video content to the device, according the hospitals’ announcement.

This is a significant update for the hospitals, which were unable to stream video to their hospital-provided Roku devices during the last major hurricane season, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The hospitals said the partnership will allow them to provide the emergency services they have been unable to do for many years.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the hospital network to provide our patients with the best emergency care on the Roku TV platform,” said Dr. Dan Whelan, vice president of operations and business development at STBHS.

“Our goal is to provide patients with access to a wide variety of health care services including primary care, urgent care, trauma, emergency medical services, and more.”