How to stop a dog from dying at pet hospital

A cat at a pet hospital is dying.

The owner is struggling to keep him alive.

A vet at a major pet hospital says a dog at a crossroads animal clinic has died.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the cat was a pit bull mix called “Buck,” who had been at the Crossroads Animal Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, for nearly a month.

It was taken off life support Aug. 3, just two days after it was diagnosed with heart disease.

The vet says he’s been dealing with the issue since the cat died.

The vet says the hospital was trying to find a way to get Buck to live and keep him at home with other animals.

The hospital told the AP that Buck is the only pet that has died at the facility since it opened in 2015.

But the veterinarian says the cat is likely the only dog that has been euthanized there.

In a statement to the AP, Crossroads told the news agency that the hospital is “deeply saddened” to learn of Buck’s death.

The statement did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The veterinarian at the animal clinic said he has never seen a cat die from cancer before, and he said he never would.

He said the vet thinks Buck was sick for some time.

The Crossroads animal facility has been on lockdown for more than two weeks due to an increase in dog deaths, and the vet said he hasn’t heard anything from the hospital since Buck’s diagnosis.

The animal hospital’s Facebook page lists Buck as an active patient.

The page is no longer active.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Thursday night that the dog’s owner is seeking help from animal welfare groups and local animal control officers.

The Fort Worth Animal Services Department says it has not been contacted by any animal welfare group or local authorities about Buck.

The AP also reported that the owner of the dog is a veterinarian at a veterinary hospital.