How to stop your child from getting hurt by an overprotective parent

My son’s heart rate was at 107 beats per minute.

He was having trouble breathing and had bloodshot eyes.

I rushed him to the hospital.

I wanted to give him a diagnosis of aphasia, but I didn’t want to rush him.

I was afraid my child would get sick, too.

But when I called my son’s pediatrician, the first thing she said was, “You have to see an ENT.”

The ER was full of children.

My son had an ear infection.

When I arrived, he was already in his hospital gown.

He looked fine.

Then I saw him in the ER with a large open wound on his back.

He had been bitten by a mosquito.

My husband, a doctor in his early forties, was there to check on him.

He told me the mosquito had gotten into his ears.

My boy was in intensive care.

He wasn’t doing well.

The hospital told me he would need to stay overnight.

It was a miracle that I got home in time.

My wife’s family had left and was returning home.

The next day, my son was on the verge of losing consciousness.

I got him to an emergency room, where I could get the tests.

He would be hospitalized for the next two weeks.

I didn of course have any idea what was wrong with him.

But after he was admitted, I called a neurologist who diagnosed the bite as a concussion.

I felt guilty for rushing him to get him tested.

But the neurologist said that the bite was mild and that he might not even need to be hospitalized.

I asked him if the mosquito could have gotten in his ear.

He said, “It’s possible, but it’s unlikely.”

My son was fine.

The mosquito did not seem to have any effect on his hearing.

I’m still struggling to understand how an over-protective mom could leave her child in a medically-induced coma and then rush him to hospital for a bite.

But I’m also thankful for the advice my wife gave me.

I have been able to put an end to this experience, for the first time in my life, because of the advice of a doctor.

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My thoughts and prayers are with my son.