The ‘biggest hospital in the country’ has no bed space for kids

A big, beautiful hospital in Phoenix is getting no beds for kids at all.

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital announced Monday that the hospital’s only bed space was “for the elderly and disabled” and that children would be moved elsewhere.

The hospital said that this decision was made in order to accommodate the growth of the facility’s population.

“We know that this will be a difficult decision to make for our patients and staff, but we believe it is the right one for the children and staff here,” said Phoenix Childrens CEO James Schulz.

“The children are here because we are the only pediatric hospital in Arizona that has the space for them to come in, and this space is being used for adults only.”

Children’s Health Arizona CEO Michael Johnson says the move to move the children to a more secure facility is not a permanent move.

“It’s just a necessary move to ensure the children that we have in the hospital can stay healthy,” Johnson said.

“When you’re dealing with a population that is growing rapidly and we have to provide the space, it’s a really important step.

It’s a huge step for us and a big step for our community.”

The Phoenix Health Care Association (PHCA) says this is a good move for the hospital.

“PHCA welcomes the Phoenix Children Health Center’s decision to move children from the ER to the Children’s Institute,” PHCA President and CEO Susan Brown said.

PHCA has been working with the Phoenix Health Department for months to make the decision to relocate the children.

“They are not being housed in an ICU, but they are being moved to the Phoenix children’s health center,” Brown said of the move.

The PHCA says it was notified of the change Monday night and that the move will begin on March 7.

Brown said that the PHCA is currently working with state and federal agencies to help get the children moved to an area where they will be more comfortable.

“That’s going to take a couple of weeks,” she said.