UK doctors: ‘We’ll never accept a ban on breastfeeding’

A London hospital is offering a breast feeding service for those who can’t breastfeed in the city. 

The Loyola University of Medicine and Dentistry (LUMOD) is offering lactation support for nursing mothers in the US, UK and Ireland. 

“The LUMOD Breastfeeding Center is the only place in the world that will provide breast feeding for lactating women, in their own home or for others,” LUMODE told The Guardian.

“We will never accept any ban on breast feeding.

We want breastfeeding to be as normal as possible for all.”

The center is located in the historic Loyo building at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and Broadway.

“There is a lot of misinformation about breast feeding in this country, which is partly due to the fact that people are scared,” Karen Loyow, a nurse who was recently discharged from LUMODE, said.

“There is no proof that lactation improves the health of a mother, and so people feel pressured to stay home, stay in their home, or even keep their children at home.”

Loyo’s Loom was one of three hospitals that began offering breastfeeding support last year.

The other two are St. Joseph’s Medical Center in New York City and the University of Minnesota.LUMOCARE offers a variety of nursing and family support programs in the United States and in other countries.

The LOMOD Breastfeed Center has a staff of over 40 nurses, and a staff member on hand every day to ensure the program is well-coordinated with patients and their families.

LUMOS staff and the community are also trained in nursing and child-rearing.