Why some hospitals don’t like to use the internet

A hospital in Pennsylvania is being sued for refusing to allow its employees to access the internet.

The hospital in Hinsdale, Pennsylvania, claims the lack of a dedicated network violates the privacy rights of its employees.

“The employees of the Hinsdales have an expectation of privacy in their work, and the hospital is denying them that expectation,” reads the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in federal court.

“Without this expectation, the hospital would have no choice but to provide them with access to the internet for medical purposes.”

The hospital is not alone in its reluctance to offer access to its employees’ personal information.

The US Department of Justice filed a similar lawsuit last year against the University of California, Berkeley, and two medical schools, one of which is affiliated with the University Health Network, in a bid to block access to certain healthcare records.

The Justice Department argued that data could be used to track patients, even if the data is private.