Woman says she was ‘beaten, beaten so badly’ in animal hospital

A New York woman says she suffered “minor but severe” head injuries when a veterinarian used a metal clamp on her face to perform an exam.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was at the Veterinary Hospital in Brooklyn on Monday after her husband went to the emergency room to seek help after she said she was “beaten so badly” after being given a rabies shot.

The doctor’s office had a metal device in the middle of her forehead, and she said the clamp was put on her forehead for more than 20 minutes, according to a hospital spokesperson.

She said she cried and cried and was crying again when she got home.

She’s been in the emergency department ever since.

“My husband had the metal clamp in his forehead for 20 minutes and I didn’t even get to open my mouth to say anything.

He put a bandage over my face and he was so angry,” she told ABC News.”

I was like, ‘What are you doing?'” she said.”

I didn’ want to have to go through this again,” she said, sobbing.”

I didn’t want to be a victim of something like this, I just wanted to be safe.”

“I didn’ want to have to go through this again,” she said, sobbing.

The New York City Veterinary Medical Center confirmed to ABC News that the device was used in its care of a woman who was “treated for rabies.”

It said in a statement to ABC affiliate WABC that the metal device was removed after an initial evaluation, and that it “is no longer being used for rabias management in that facility.”

The hospital also said the woman’s injuries are not life-threatening.