How to get around hospitals in the Houston metro area

Hospital closures in Houston and across Texas are making it difficult to get to the nearest hospital.

That’s because many of the state’s biggest hospitals have closed and others have closed temporarily or never reopened.

We’ve put together a list of hospitals in Texas that have closed or are currently closed and are in need of help getting around.

The list also includes some of the hospitals that are open but have limited capacity.

There are also some hospitals that have temporarily reopened and need help getting to the rest of the area.

These include Houston Medical Center, which closed in January 2019; University of Houston Medical System, which reopened in December 2019; and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which opened in January 2020.

We also included the state-owned hospitals, which have reopened, but not for extended periods.

If you are in an area with a hospital, please call 911 or the Texas Health Information Center to report a hospital closure or an emergency.

You can also use the following tools to get from one hospital to another: Find a doctor or visit a clinic Nearby hospitals that were not closed are: Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann Medical Center and Texas Medical Center.