How to get around the Zika virus outbreak in Sarasota

The National Weather Service in Sarasotsa says the local air quality has increased dramatically due to the arrival of mosquitoes, and that the mosquito population has soared to “a new record.”

According to a weather advisory issued Tuesday by the National Weather service, the air quality in Sarasotas coastal area has worsened as a result of increased mosquito population, the number of mosquitoes on the ground and increased numbers of mosquitoes biting people in the area.

The advisory warns that this increase in mosquitoes could lead to the transmission of Zika virus and its related diseases to humans.

The warning is in addition to the one issued earlier in the day, which warned of a heightened risk of contracting the disease.

“As of this afternoon, we have received multiple reports of increased mosquitoes in the coastal area, including one confirmed case of Zika,” the weather service warned.

“As a precautionary measure, the Sarasota County Health Department is encouraging residents to remain indoors.

Residents who are planning to travel to the area are encouraged to wear long pants, long sleeves and long pants that cover all of the body to prevent mosquito bites.”

The weather service added that mosquito bites are most prevalent in the early morning and evening hours, with mosquito bites reported in areas such as Downtown Sarasota, Westgate Shopping Center, and the downtown Sarasota area.

If you or someone you know is in the Sarasotan, visit our health center at 651-734-7700 or call the local emergency number at 661-967-6820.