How to use your own phone app to watch BBC TV news

The BBC has released a new app for the iPhone and Android devices that can be used to search for news, find news stories and follow the news wherever you are.

News is now available for both iOS and Android, with the app available for free from Apple’s App Store.

The app also allows users to quickly search for BBC News in their own language, as well as for stories from the BBC News website in other languages.

While it is not available for Apple’s mobile app, the BBC has previously said it plans to make it available for Android devices soon.

News from the UK and Ireland will be available to watch via the BBC’s News app and its News site.

Users can search for a story, like the Manchester bombing, or select a region, or add a location to a search.

You can also create a news story using the news app, with news from the news site and the BBC website appearing in the story’s title and summary.

It is not yet possible to search through news stories, and there is no way to search BBC News using search engines such as Google or Bing.

Users will also be able to share news stories via social media using the BBC news app and Facebook’s News Feed app.