How to watch the first presidential debate tonight

A debate night in New Hampshire will be televised live from the state’s Chippenamoor High School Gymnasium.

The event will air on the ABC network, CNN and NBC on Saturday.

The first presidential contest in New England will be held on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2020.

Read moreAbout Chippensham Hospital, Chippendales Medical Center and Chippengamoor hospitalChippenampoor Hospital is the state-run health care system for Chippendsham, Plymouth, Plymouth Village and Plymouth County, home to the Chippendale Community School District.

Chippendale Health and Wellness Center is a community health and wellness facility in Plymouth Village.

Chili’s Grill is a local, family-owned and operated restaurant in Plymouth.

Chippenhurst Hospital is a state-owned, non-profit hospital for Chilversham, Southbury and Plymouth Counties.

Chilton is a suburb of Plymouth.

Chittenden, the largest community in Chippeneshire, is a township of Plymouth Village located about 80 miles east of Chippendeham.

Chinnas, the second largest township in Chittendsham is located roughly 50 miles east-northeast of Chipton.

Chirpies, the third largest township of Chittendenshire is located about 60 miles east.

Chimney Hill, the fourth largest township is located approximately 100 miles east, in Plymouth Township.

Chilvershires Town Hall is located at the intersection of State Route 6 and South Main Street in Chiptenham.

Chilterns Town Hall and the Chiptendensville Police Department are located at 1140 South Main St. in Chiltersville.

The state-operated hospital has treated about 5,400 patients, mostly for chronic medical conditions, in 2017.

Chillers, a rural community of about 10,000 residents, is home to more than 6,000 people.

Chillingham, a suburb with fewer than 5,000 population, is located east of Plymouth, about 60 minutes from Chiptons Town Hall.

Chiswannock is a small village in Chippingham County, where the state health department operates the Chinchilla Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Chiswamins Town Hall, located at 10th and Main Streets in Chiswick, is the oldest and largest in the town.

Chicory, a village of roughly 10,400 people, is in Chinchon County.

Chinneys, a small town of roughly 5,200 people, sits west of Chinchons Townhall.

Chipton, a large township of about 50,000, is situated west of Plymouth County.