The hillcrist hospital in California could be hacked

A cyberattack that took place at Hillcrest Hospital in California may have compromised the hospital’s computer network.

The cyberattack on the Hillcrist Hospital in Orange County occurred on September 23rd, according to an alert posted by the Orange County Fire Protection District.

An administrator from the Orange City Fire Department was able to access the computer system and take control of it, the alert said.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that it was aware of the attack and was investigating the incident.

The Orange City Police Department said in a statement that it is investigating the case.

It is not known whether the cyberattack affected the hospital computer network or if it was a simple matter of trying to access sensitive information.

Hillcrest is a private, nonprofit hospital in Orange and Orange County that provides care to the elderly, the poor and the medically disabled.

The hospital is also home to the Orange State University.