‘There was no reason’ for doctor to put on ‘bloodied’ mask

When a doctor at a Swedish hospital went into a panic after seeing a patient with a bloodied mask, he did not realise he was showing his emotions, and the next thing he knew, he was being attacked by a mob. 

“I saw a group of people attacking me,” Dr. Björn Pärsson, a surgeon at the local hospital in Stockholm, told Polygon.

“It was horrible.” 

The attack occurred as Pärtsson was doing a routine checkup on a patient who had suffered an eye injury.

The man had been complaining of headaches, but Pällas was not sure if the symptoms were related to the injury or a more serious condition. 

But after checking with Päldsås, the doctor realised that the mask had become bloody and that the patient’s face was covered in the red fluid.

“The mask was completely covered with blood,” Päellas said.

“I was horrified and immediately rushed to the emergency room, where I immediately went into shock.” 

In an interview with Polygon, Päller said that when he asked the doctor whether he had actually used the mask, the man said he did.

Pälli said that, despite being scared for his own life, he managed to calm himself down.

“But then it happened again,” he said. 

The incident took place on April 4, 2016.

Pållas said that the man who had been covered in blood had told him, “I am going to die tonight.

I am going out in the rain, I am just going to disappear.”

Pälsson said that he went into his office to find out what had happened.

“Then the man went to a mirror and started to bleed all over the place.

It was all bloody.

I knew something was wrong.

The mask was not clean.” 

When Pätti went to the hospital’s emergency room to get treatment, the staff there did not have the tools to remove the mask. 

After Pärlas asked for help, he said that they told him that they had to leave the room.

Pahlas explained that the hospital staff told him the patient had already died. 

When the doctor asked why he had left the room, Pahlasa said that it was too dangerous to stay there. 

Pällasa said he was not alone in his feelings.

“Some of the patients are in their beds crying.

We are very lucky.

I can’t really speak about the attack, but I am sure the person who was attacked was a man, maybe older, and he is very angry,” Pahlsson said.