What’s next for hospital in Franklin, Georgia?

After weeks of uncertainty and uncertainty, the Franklin Health System has announced plans to close its Emory Hospital, a sprawling complex that sits on the outskirts of the Atlanta metro area.

Franklin’s plan to relocate to the nearby St. Andrew Hospital will be announced next week, but the news came as no surprise to longtime Franklin resident Scott Bowers.

“When I got here, I thought I was going to live in a big apartment with a bunch of friends and get on the plane and go to the airport, and I was wrong,” Bowers said.

“I’m going to miss it.”

While Franklin’s decision to move to St. Andrews is a long way from Franklin’s current location, Bowers says that while Franklin may not be in the top 10 hospitals in the nation, the hospital is still an important institution for its residents.

“Franklin is a good hospital,” Bower said.

“They have an excellent faculty, an excellent staff, and a very talented patient population.

So it’s important to them that the city’s going to be successful in its economic development.”

Franklin has been operating under an operating plan since the end of 2015, with the intention of relocating by 2019.

The plan has included closing its Emories and St. Anthony hospitals and building a new facility in the city.

The new facility will have a capacity of around 500 patients and will be the largest medical facility in Franklin.

Franklin Health System president, Dr. Michael Mims, confirmed to Mashable that the Franklin hospital will close, but said that Franklin will continue to provide care for its patients and the community.

“We are continuing to look at the entire Franklin health system, and we have made an announcement about where we’re going to build our new facility,” Mims said.

Franklins move to the new St. Nicholas Hospital is expected to begin in 2019.

Mims declined to say when the new facility would open.