A hospital in Brooklyn is the only place in the country where people can go to get checked for Ebola.

A New York hospital is the first in the United States to offer an Ebola isolation unit in its medical center, the Hillcrest Hospital.

The hospital, which has more than 2,000 beds and is in Brooklyn’s Hillcroll neighborhood, opened its Ebola isolation facility Tuesday and has since sent staff and patients to the state. 

The facility was established in partnership with the city of Brooklyn and the New York City Department of Health, and will house patients for 72 hours, the hospital said in a statement.

The facility will be fully staffed with staff and volunteers, including an Ebola task force. 

“While the Hillcliff Hospital is dedicated to helping patients and their families, we have a unique opportunity to provide a resource to those who are unable to leave the United Kingdom or France,” the hospital’s statement read. 

According to the Hillcorrest website, the facility is “designed to provide patients with the resources to stay in their homes, the support they need to manage their medical emergencies, and a safe, caring environment that supports them in their recovery.” 

“The Hillcliffs Ebola isolation units will provide patients a safe and welcoming environment to recover and return home safely and in a supportive way,” the statement continued. 

Hillcrest, which is affiliated with the Hilldale Hospital, opened a facility in the city last year and has about 2,400 beds. 

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