A look at the top 10 hospitals in California

Posted September 20, 2018 12:13:13The state’s top-ranked hospitals are the most expensive in the country, but the state’s largest hospitals aren’t quite as pricey as they seem.

The San Antonio Hospital, the oldest hospital in the state, charges $7,700 per person per day for patients with certain conditions.

Its emergency department at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center, where the highest-profile patient is critically ill patient Sean Gardner, charges nearly $7 per person for patients who have heart attacks, strokes or respiratory problems.

San Antonio Medical Center charges $10,000 for a patient with lung disease, but its emergency department is the least expensive in California, at $1,200 per person.

The highest-priced hospital in California is the Mission Medical Center in San Francisco, which charges $8,200 for patients in critical condition, according to data from the California Healthcare Association.

The hospitals that make the list are the oldest, in the order that they opened.

The oldest is the San Jose Veterans Medical Center at 100 years old, with a total of 1,927 patients.

The state has the oldest health system in the nation, but that’s not saying much, according, to the Healthcare Association’s research.

The average age of a California resident is 71.

The healthcare industry in California has grown by nearly 50 percent over the past decade, from just under 1 million workers in 2008 to nearly 3 million today.

The health industry is still the fastest growing sector of the economy, but California is far behind in terms of its health care spending.

According to a report released by the Healthcare Action Alliance in March, California spends nearly $2.8 trillion on health care annually.

And health spending is a major part of the state budget.

The state is also home to the nation’s second-largest medical school system, with nearly 1,700 schools and nearly 200,000 residents.