Hospital beds and beds for patients after French attack

The first French hospital to open in Israel in almost two decades was opened on Thursday in a former Soviet military hospital that was used for a Soviet prison camp during the cold war.

The hospital is part of the St.

Francis hospital, which opened in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Arba in 2009.

Its first patient was a 12-year-old girl whose father was killed in a helicopter crash in 1994.

The hospital has beds for about 50 patients, including a woman with a brain tumour and an elderly man with a heart condition.

A total of four beds are reserved for pregnant women.

“This hospital is one of the few in Israel with such a wide range of patients.

There is a shortage of space for patients and staff,” said Dr. Yehuda Shapira, the director of the hospital and the head of the medical service at the Hebrew University Medical Center.


Frances is the only hospital in Israel that has a dedicated maternity ward, said Shapira.

The hospital’s main medical facility is the Israel Institute of Technology, but it also has an outpatient department, where it treats about 100 people a day.

It opened on Tuesday and has about 50 beds, said the head doctor of the maternity ward.

It also has about 300 doctors and a laboratory, which is the biggest in Israel, and a pharmacy that provides medication for the hospital.

The Israel Institute is the largest medical institute in Israel.

It opened in 1948 and is considered a world leader in research and medical education.

Its chief doctor is an Israeli doctor, who has been appointed to head the hospital by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a strong supporter of medical research.

A large number of French nationals are residents in the United States, Canada and Europe, according to the U.S. State Department.

There are also about 3,000 French nationals in Israel who are citizens or permanent residents of the country.

A number of Israeli scientists are based in the U,S., including Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, the first Jewish scientist in the world, and Dr. Yitzhak Rabin, who was the foreign minister at the time of the Second Intifada.

Israel is not the only country that has opened hospitals for patients.

Belgium opened a medical center for Palestinians in 2014, and Norway opened a hospital for refugees.

At least six French hospitals in Israel are open for patients, and Israel is one the only countries in the Middle East that does not have such a hospital.

In 2014, a French doctor was killed when he opened a Gaza medical clinic.