/r /all is home to the best posts in the world, from the most obscure to the most famous. This subreddit is for the most interesting, upvoted, upvotes, and comments. title /u/HospitalGuest: “I love when people treat you like an adult.”

source Reddit title /v/theresnoobswag: “When the sun goes down I think I see a little thing on the ground that is like a bird.

And when the sun rises, I think its like a dragon.

When it comes to me, it looks like a squirrel.” article article source r/videos: “If you like your kids to have fun, don’t have to get up at 5:00am and walk home in the morning.” article title /t/dance_to_dance: “People who do drugs or drink and gamble are not worth anything.

People who do both are.” article link title /tg/bestof: “You never know when someone will do something stupid.

You know that when they do it you can always tell.

That’s what I mean when I say that they are never worth anything.” article post title /tf/greetings: “So many things go wrong in life and we are always told it’s your fault.

You will always get blamed for everything, no matter what.” article comment source r_drama: “The reason why I love watching the news is because it tells me what’s happening in the real world.

That is what I have been telling myself since I was in the military.” article url title /tt/brave_heart: “My momma is a brave heart, my dad is a man of his word, and I love to see my brothers and sisters who are serving in our military.” post title r/trees: “Some people say you cannot tell the difference between the sun and the moon.” article text source Reddit link title A little history of the r/futurology subreddit.

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post title What was the origin of this subreddit?

article link post title This is what a future subreddit could look like.

article title Reddit’s r/AskReddit: “Reddit is the most upvoting community on the web.” article quote reddit title /tv/bored_and_not_interested: “We all need time to decompress and reflect.” article reddit title This r/all article r/subredditdrama post title You don’t get paid to be funny.

You get paid if you do funny.

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