‘The worst day of my life’: Duke University student dies of rabies after being hospitalized

Duke University Hospital in North Carolina has released a statement about the death of a student who died after being infected with rabies in a van he drove.

The student, Joshua Schumacher, was taken to Duke University Medical Center, where he died Thursday, and was pronounced dead Saturday, the university said in a statement Saturday.

A news conference is set for 10 a.m.


Schumacher graduated from Duke in 2017 and received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

He lived in the city of Barnes, about 30 miles northwest of Durham, North Carolina, and studied engineering at Duke.

The school has not provided further details about the student.

“The university is deeply saddened by the death and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends,” the statement said.

The van driver, a Duke employee, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, the school said.

The van driver is a licensed and insured Duke employee.

Schampter’s parents said Saturday that they were in the van with him when he got infected.

The family members have since returned to North Carolina to begin their grieving process, the family said.

Schumpter was at Duke for his final semester, according to the university.

He was one of just a handful of students in Duke’s graduating class, the most prestigious in the state.

He was among those who went on to graduate from Duke.