Which hospitals in Ohio are the worst in fake hospital cases?

The fake hospital is a common phenomenon in Ohio and, while not a new phenomenon, it has now been made more serious by the increasing number of false hospital claims.

The number of hospital claims involving fake hospital facilities is now at an all-time high, with nearly two million claims reported in Ohio alone since January.

This is in addition to claims filed in Ohio as of May 4, the same day President Donald Trump signed the “Hospital Construction Jobs Act.”

These new allegations also add up to the third-highest number of claims in the country, behind only Kentucky and Louisiana.

The Ohio attorney general, Rod Smith, said on Monday that Ohioans have reported more than 1,200 hospital claims of fake hospitals since January, a total that includes claims filed by patients and relatives.

Smith, who has called for an investigation into the fraud, has said the fraud is a “cancer” that needs to be cut out of the health care system.

“Our government is being bought by big business and the insurance companies,” Smith said.

“We need to fix this.”

Ohio Gov.

John Kasich said in a statement that the fake hospital fraud is an issue that he will work with his colleagues to address.

“This is a growing problem that we are working to address,” Kasich said.

Trump has been vocal about his desire to slash funding for hospitals, which he has accused of treating patients as though they were dead.

On May 4 in Florida, Trump took to Twitter to call for more funding to hospitals, and on May 11, he tweeted that Ohio would be a “fatal f—— state” if it does not cut costs.

Trump also has called on Congress to stop funding hospitals in states where the fraud has occurred.