Hospitals in Germany: All-inclusive cost for emergency department stay in Germany

More than 6,000 emergency department visits are recorded in Germany every year, but an average of less than one visit a day is recorded at hospitals, according to data compiled by the healthcare organisation ABAB.

The data is an indication of the high cost of caring for people in the country.

For a visit to a hospital in Germany, a person needs to spend around €1,500 (US$1,900) to cover all the costs for an average stay of two days.

The figures for the region are even worse: an average visit costs €1.6 million in the province of Baden-Württemberg, where one in four people live in poverty.

The problem is especially acute in the western city of Leipzig, where the average stay is more than four days, while in the rest of the country, the figure is only around one in five.

The region has long been plagued by a shortage of doctors and nurses.

Its main hospital in Würzburg, the city that hosts the city’s primary school, closed in 2016, and it has since been unable to recruit doctors to help care for the sick.

Germany’s healthcare system was founded on the premise that it would be better to have more doctors, nurses and doctors’ assistants in the workforce than fewer doctors and fewer nurses.

The health system in Germany relies heavily on a network of doctors, hospital staff and private providers to care for patients.

For instance, many of the people in Germany have no access to private healthcare.

The lack of healthcare workers has been a big factor in the region’s rising number of emergency department admissions.

The country’s health system is under pressure from a combination of factors, including a declining labour force, a shrinking population, rising health care costs, a weak economy and a rise in drug-resistant infections.

The shortage of nurses and hospital doctors is also a big issue.

The number of people who have a doctorate degree or a certificate from an accredited university has more than doubled since 2000.

In a country with such high costs of healthcare, how can the government afford to have as few doctors as possible?