How to buy a new hospital at suburban hospital

Paoli Hospital in suburban Melbourne is the latest in a growing list of suburban hospitals to offer private nursing homes to patients.

The Victorian Health Department confirmed the announcement on Monday.

It is the first private nursing home to be set up in the state.

It has been built in the affluent suburbs of Adelaide and Launceston, and is located on a site formerly used as a coal mine.

Dr Zhaoyu Guo said there was a need for new facilities to cope with the high numbers of new residents in suburbs and for patients to have access to the same care as those in the more expensive cities.

“There is an urgent need for nursing homes for patients in this age group, and there is a need to provide some level of comfort for these patients,” she said.

The WA Government announced last year it would allow private nursing houses for people with an age limit of 72.

But some of the states biggest hospitals, including Victoria’s Western Suburbs Hospital, say they are not ready for this kind of demand.

The Government said it was working on an alternative model for private nursing care.

“The WA Department of Health is working with the WA Hospital Association to develop a model for a new, fully-managed and privately-owned nursing home facility for WA residents.

This will be a model which is open to all, including older adults, those with complex and debilitating health conditions, those who are currently in hospitals, and those who have moved from hospital to hospital,” the WA Government said in a statement.

The new facility will have a capacity of 400 to 500 patients and be located on land that the WA Department has acquired in recent years.

Dr Guo described the project as “a real opportunity” for WA’s existing nursing homes.

“We will be able to provide better care to patients and more intensive care for patients at a cost of less than $200 a day per patient,” she told the ABC.

“So this is a real opportunity for us to provide a truly high-quality and high-value health care facility that will offer high quality care to all residents and families in the community.”