How to get into your local hospital, even if you’re a new patient

DALLAS — If you want to get in and be seen as soon as possible after a surgery, you might have to travel a long distance.

The hospital system has been trying to solve that problem by offering a free trip for anyone who needs a ride home.

The Dallas Children’s Hospital has a program that will pay for a trip to the hospital for the first 90 days after a hospitalization.

If a person doesn’t get a ride, they can still pay the $35 per person fee.

The Dallas Health Alliance also is offering a trip at no cost to the people who need it most.

It’s called a “trip to the ER,” and the first $10,000 donated will get someone home within 30 days of surgery.

There’s also a trip that costs $5,000, and each person who reaches that goal gets a trip for 90 days.

People who want to donate a kidney can get an additional $1,000 if they want to go to the emergency room, and there’s a trip if they need a second kidney.

The DHA also is encouraging people to donate blood, so they can donate to a stranger if needed.

And the hospital also has a trip program that costs people $10 for a first trip to their nearest hospital, and $20 for every additional trip.

You can donate through the hospital or to the Dallas County Health Department, which will reimburse your costs if needed and help you get a better shot at being seen.