Ohio man pleads guilty to killing newborn, ‘putting a cherry on top’

A 19-year-old man has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of a newborn baby boy who died after being placed in a plastic bag.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction said Michael P. Taylor pleaded guilty in the Cleveland Municipal Court on Friday to second-degree aggravated murder in a separate murder case in which he also pleaded guilty.

The infant, identified as Caleb, died from blunt force trauma in February 2016.

Taylor, a former Ohio University student, was a senior at Covington High School.

The school said the boy had a congenital heart defect.

In addition to the murder charge, Taylor was also charged with child neglect and failure to report the death.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A judge ordered Taylor to be held without bail.

A judge earlier sentenced Taylor to 20 to 30 years in federal prison for his role in the killing.

In his plea, Taylor said he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.

Taylor was taken into custody on March 1 after a police officer found him in a parked car with the baby’s lifeless body inside.

Police say they found the child’s lifeless remains in a cardboard box and a plastic container that was stuffed with trash bags.

The child’s mother, who has since filed a lawsuit against Taylor, said the baby had a defect in his heart and had been placed in the plastic bag because Taylor was a friend.