When your brain goes to sleep: ‘There’s a lot of science to support it’

The latest research from the University of New South Wales is finding that sleep is a valuable asset for veterans, and it can help them get through stressful situations.

Dr Richard Deakins, from the Department of Neurology, said sleep could help veterans recover from traumatic events.

“There’s some research that suggests sleep is an important part of PTSD recovery, and that it’s important for people to get the most out of their sleep,” he said.

“Sleep is important for getting through stress and that may also help people recover from trauma.”

He said people who had been exposed to trauma often needed more than just the usual amount of sleep.

“They may need more sleep, and they may need a different amount of time between periods of sleep, for example, or a different type of sleep,” Dr Deakkins said.

Dr Deakas said sleep had a lot to do with a person’s mood.

“It’s about how you’re feeling, and if you’re depressed or anxious, your body is going to try to make you feel better,” he explained.

“If you’re tired and you don’t feel very well, then your body may want to get more sleep.”

Dr Deaks said it could also be important to be able to sleep on a regular basis.

“What you need to do is make sure that you’re able to go to bed at night, whether that’s a bed you get, or the bed you use at home, and then have a regular amount of bedtime and that you don)t feel like you’re getting tired,” he added.

“We have some research showing that sleep at night can have an impact on how much stress a person is under, which is important in terms of the mental health of that person.”

Dr deakins said research showed sleep had many benefits.

“Research has shown that sleep has a significant impact on mood, and people who are tired tend to have higher levels of stress, and this can also impact on the way the body heals itself,” he told the ABC.

“So, a lot more research is needed into how to optimize sleep.”

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