Hospital says nurse who performed vasectomy saved woman’s life

A nursing home in Coney Island, Florida, has announced it will honor the memory of a woman who had a vasectomy because a nurse performed the procedure and saved her life.

Samantha McAfee, who has been identified by the Coney County Medical Examiner’s Office as 50-year-old Karen Hightower, was born with a rare birth defect known as scrotal sacrosanctus.

She underwent a hysterectomy at the nursing home on March 3, and died at home.

She had lived at the Consey Island hospital since April 2018.

Her death has been ruled a homicide, and her husband, Thomas Hightowers, has been charged with her murder.

His trial is set for April.

In a statement on the nursing homes Facebook page, the nursing agency said the “Hightowers’ wish is that this will serve as a reminder of the great value of caring for and supporting individuals who have a rare genetic condition.”

“We are very proud to have had a part in this.

We are working with our families to support them and their families and will work with the Conyers and their local community to continue this important work,” the statement read.”

We will continue to provide a place for the community to feel comfortable, supported and cared for as we continue to work to help all who are impacted by this disease and this illness.”

The statement continued, “In the meantime, we are thankful for the wonderful outpouring of support from all of our friends and family and our thoughts are with the Hightows, their families, friends and colleagues.”

The nursing home has also set up a fund to help cover the funeral costs.